Eye health: Supplements and Eye Care

Eye examinations are a way for us to check your vision and eye health, but there are plenty of other options to keep your eyes healthy. We have a wide stock of vitamin supplements, eye drops and lid wipes for management at home and our Blepharitis treatment, BlephEx for a deeper clean to keep your eyes healthy and happy.

Vitamin Supplements

We stock  Nutrof Total and Ocuvite vitamin supplements, both of these contain nutrients that can help maintain your eye health and vision. These are to be taken in addition to a balanced diet at the recommended daily dosage allowance indicated on each packet.

Nutrof Total Ingredients;

– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– Zinc
– Copper
– Selenium
– Lutein and Zeaxanthin
– Omega 3
– Vitis Vinifera Extract
– Vitamin D3

Ocuvite Ingredients;

– Omega 3
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin E
– Zinc
– Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Eye Drops

We have a wide range of Hycosan eyedrops in stock to help provide relief from dry eye. Each different drop contains various different ingredients depending on the severity of the dry eye and relief needed. The drops come in a bottle size of 7.5ml and remain sterile for 6 months from opening, these drops are also suitable for using while wearing contact lenses and are all preservative free.

Hycosan ProductDiscomfort Level/UseUser Profile
Hycosan Fresh

Mild/Irritation- Looking for natural ingredients
- Tablet/gadget use is heavy
- Office worker/commuter
- Experiencing dry eye for the first time

Mild-Moderate- More recurring incidences of Dry Eye that affects everyday tasks
- Frequent contact lens wearer
- Looking for soothing relief for moderate discomfort associated with Dry Eye
Hycosan Extra

Moderate/Severe- Typically has dry eye long term
- Has tried other products in the Hycosan range without satisfactory outcomes
- Potentially older customer
Hycosan Dual

Protection- Has been diagnosed with Lipid deficient dry eye/Meibomian gland disorder
- Suffers from burning, itching, red eyes due to allergies
Hycosan Plus

Injury- Post Lasik vision correction surgery patient
- Ocular surface eye injury