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Launched in Littleover in Autumn 2021, the Optomap®has been one of the most eagerly anticipated additions to our diagnostic suite and one of our newest releases. Because this way of seeing the retina simply revolutionises the way we see this part of the examination, to us, it is important that we include this as part of the eye examination for all our patients of all ages. Quick, easy and pain free images are taken in moments.

Optomap® is the only true, clinically validated, ultra wide-field retinal image that can capture over 200 of the retina in a single capture (over 97% with optimal auto-montage). There are multiple imaging modes allowing us to see the retinal peripheral, to diagnose and manage conditions seen.

Some signs of diseases such as stroke, diabetes and other ocular conditions can be seen in your retina, often before you have other symptoms. One of the many benefits of our Optomap® is that we can scan the whole periphery for signs of these.

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VisiofficeX® by Essilor

The VisiofficeX® was installed in 2021 and allows us to consider the anatomy and position of them through 11 unique measurements per eye, to create bespoke lenses for our patients. VisiofficeX® takes into consideration your posture, and the way you wear your frames to deliver this personalisation.

This means your spectacle lens can give the best quality vision and wider fields of view compared to when unique personal measurements do not form part of dispensing your glasses.

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3D-Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Our OCT landed back in 2007 when we were the first practice in Derby to adopt this as part of an eye examination. Included as part of all adult examinations routinely, this is one of our most advanced pieces of technology and not only detects early changes to retinal tissue but also helps us to accurately monitor your eye health. We are likely to find changes sooner when using OCT than without, so any conditions detected are easier to diagnose and may have a better prognosis.

The OCT not only takes digital images of the eye but also takes 128 individual scans through the central portion and back of the eye. This allows us to create an accurate 3D model of all of your retinal layers. This particularly useful when looking for very early changes in conditions in such as macula degeneration and glaucoma. We always compare your results from past visits where you have had OCT scans taken to monitor your retina with the utmost accuracy. Comparing data is key when detecting change.

We have over a decade of experience interpreting OCT and it is a hugely valued diagnostic tool and an invaluable tool to use during your eye examination.

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iCare Tonometry

Our nifty iCare instrument allows us to measure your eye pressure (intra ocular pressure) without the puff of air often used on the high street.

The pressure of your eyes are measured at each eye examination and trends are monitored on an on-doing basis.

This test can give an early warning of glaucoma and is very important since high eye pressure does not always present with symptoms.

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 Myopia Expert 700

The Myopia Expert 700 is the newest addition to our practice and after much anticipation, has now landed in Littleover!

This brings us up to date and at the forefront in tackling myopic progression. As the first practice in the city with this device, we can now address Myopia management, the most topical clinical discussion in the industry at the moment. Your child's Myopia can be measured and monitored with utmost accuracy and compared to normal eye growth charts.

By 2050 it is expected that 50% of the global population will be myopic (short sighted) and the last few decades has already seen the prevalence double.

Myopia begins in childhood and the Myopia Expert 700 will allow us to safely, quickly and easily measure the length of the eyeball to monitor eye growth in children. This technology allows Myopia to be managed better than ever before.

To find out more about growing eyes and Myopia, click here.

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If you suffer with dry, gritty, watery or sore eyes, our BlephEx treatment can help make your eyes feel more comfortable. The BlephEx Treatment is designed to give your eyelids a thorough clean, removing debris from the lash line, reducing the inflammation and improving your overall eyelid health.

BlephEx is not painful but can feel a little uncomfortable or “ticklish".

Eyelid health, hygiene, blepharitis, and dry eyes are all closely linked. BlephEx can stimulate eyelid lipid production and improve dry eyes as well as treat blepharitis and boost eyelid health and hygiene.

Combined with other blepharitis management strategies such as eyelid wipes and eyebag heat treatment, we can help you manage blepharitis, MGD and dry eyes.

Please contact us to book an initial assessment to decide if this is for you (cost £25) – complimentary assessment for existing RP4 members.

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