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Eye Examination

We take your vision as seriously as we take our own. At Richard Petrie, our tests are handled by our friendly team of experienced professionals. We have decades of experience in carrying out eye examinations for all types of patients and needs and do our best to keep you comfortable throughout the test.

What's included in an eye test?

Davina and Fiona are two of our experienced optometrists and have been with the practice for many years. Whether it’s a Private or NHS eye examination, you’re in safe hands.

Each test will typically last 45 minutes and will include:

  • Visual Field Screening
  • Discussion of history and symptoms
  • Vision measurements
  • Ocular movements
  • Assessment of refractive status and visual acuity
  • Binocular vision assessment
  • External and internal examination of the eyes
  • Interocular pressure measurement
  • Advice and issuing of spectacle prescription

If you’re a private patient, you will also have photos taken of the back of your eye or if you choose to, you can have the 3D OCT scans of the back of your retina giving a greater depth of detail about the health of your eyes. This upgrade is available to NHS patients for an additional cost.

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Are you having your eyes tested regularly enough?

Even if you are not experiencing any difficulties or changes in vision, because our sight and eyes evolve as we grow, we advise regular eye examinations to all of our patients, including children.

National guidelines recommended the following frequency for eye examinations:

Under 16s
16 – 69

1 year
2 years
1 year

40+ w/ direct relative with glucoma

1 year
2 years
1 year

Eyecare for children

We’re always happy to welcome children into the practice, whether it’s for a routine eye test, to try new sunglasses or even to give them one-on-one tutorials on how to use contact lenses!

No age limits apply and we encourage regular checkups. With some of us being parents ourselves within the practice, we understand the importance of personalised eye care for children. Children’s vision screening often isn’t carried out until the reception year of infant school however an infant only a few months old can show some signs of ocular problems so it’s important to know that the team at Richard Petrie are specialised in children's eye examinations and care. The NHS also subsidises eye care for children under the age of 16.

Alfie, 3, came for his first eye examination with his mum Samantha and she offered to describe the experience from a parent’s perspective so that other mums, dads and carers know what to expect. You can take a look at what she said here.

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