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Davina’s Summer Round Up

With cooler and dare I say slightly darker evenings which seem to have crept up on us, it seems Summer 2019 is now heading towards Autumn. For many it will be back to work, school, new beginnings at university and possibly a fresh start if you were able to press the reset button over the […]


Referrals From School

The new school year is upon us, and with that brings many changes including starting school for the very first time. Whilst preparing for the new adventure ahead, an eye examination may not have been at the top of your list, but don’t worry as your child’s eyes will be checked at school in their […]


Choosing The Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must have item all year round, although for many of us it is something we only think of needing in the summer or when we go on holiday . But how much do we really know when it comes to picking sunglasses? Is it as simple as being able to pick up […]

Taking care of your children’s eyes

Taking Care of Your Children’s Eyes

If there is one thing you must do with your children during the school holidays, it is book them in for an eye test. You’ve got six weeks to enjoy a family holiday and sunny days out with family and friends but making time for an eye test is really important. At any age, eyesight […]

summer eye health tips and tricks

Summer Eye Health

As the weather gets warmer and your thoughts turn to improving your health and enjoying the outdoors, it is also important to keep your eyes happy this summer. We all know that regular exercise can tone muscle, support weight loss and benefit your mental health, but did you know it can also help to maintain […]


Davina Discusses…Eyecare During the Exam Period

Many of you will be in the throes of GCSE’s or A Level exams right now. You may have noticed you have tried eyes so here are some tips to keep your eyes fresh and comfortable when you have been revising and concentrating for long periods of time. Take A Break Even though you might […]


Hay Fever and Your Eyes

Hay fever season is upon us, and you may have already started suffering with symptoms such itchy eyes, sneezing and in some cases difficulty breathing. The hay fever season runs from Spring to Autumn and affects almost 18 million people in the UK. Pollen grains can set off an allergic reaction causing the conjunctiva (the […]


Taking Care of Ageing Eyes

Just as keeping active and having a varied diet really helps our bodies to stay healthy, as we age, it also helps to keep our eyesight healthier for longer too. But even the healthiest of us can experience some changes to our vision as we get older and our eyes start to change. It might […]


Driving In The Sun

Although the sunny weather is a blessing when we get it, it can be a nuisance when driving. Whether it is the low winter sun, or the height of summer, driving with added glare can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. According to data from the Department of Transport, around 3900 people are injured in traffic […]