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Everything You Need to Know About Contact Lenses

Looking for a quick guide to contact lenses or advice on caring for contact lenses? Look no further! Whether you’re a seasoned contact lens wearer changing from dailies to weeklies or you’re thinking about making the switch from spectacles to contacts, here’s everything you need to know about caring for contact lenses. Which Contact Lenses […]


Davina Discusses …UV Protection

Summer 2018 is going to be up there in the memory of fantastic summers! It has been great and I am sure that you have been going through as much sunscreen as I have! It did make me think, when layering the sun cream onto my children that all the bright light and UV is […]


40th Anniversary Celebrations

This year is shaping up to be a good year so far for us here at Richard Petrie’s. Not only have we had two award nominations and celebrated Joanna’s wedding, but this year sees us reaching a great milestone of being in business for 40 years! To mark this fantastic event we have shared our […]


Summer Eye Health – Taking Care of Your Eyes

Whilst the summer season gives us lots of warm weather, longer days and holidays, it also brings along a host of factors that can affect your eyes. We tend to look after our health and skin more during the summer months, but what about caring for our eyes? There’s lots of reasons our eye health […]


What’s Hot This Season?

Richard Petrie Optometrists’ social media whizz, Emma, talks about the new Spring/Summer fashion trends for 2018 and the most fashionable frames in stock this season.  It’s a good job the Spring/Summer fashion this year is hot because the weather certainly hasn’t been! The Spring/Summer fashion this year has seen the 1980’s return to fashion, ice […]

Healthy Eyes

Healthy eyes: Food for thought

There has been a surge for all things healthy living over recent years. With lots of diets, gym memberships and celebrity exercise videos proving more popular than ever, which all have a goal of encouraging us to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now, we all know the benefits for keeping a healthy body […]


Optician Awards

So far 2018 is proving to be a fantastic year. Although we didn’t come back winners from the AOP awards we had a fantastic time and were up against some tough competition. However, we have come back fighting and have been nominated for another prestigious award! Our second award nomination is for ‘Independent Practice of […]


Don’t Settle for a Restricted View

When we go to the theatre, we go for the live experience. We want to see, hear and feel what’s happening on stage and be completely immersed in the story. An intense play or spectacular musical can cause you to suspend your disbelief and escape from the mundanities of modern life. You can enter the […]

Eye Scan

Looking After Your Eye Health

Our eye health and sight are such an important part of our overall health and wellbeing. Making sure that we take the right steps to protect and look after our eyes is so significant to keeping a good quality of life. We’ve created a series of blogs to give you lots of useful information and […]

Alfies first eye test at Richard Petrie Optometrists

Children’s Eye Test Changes

Awareness of your child’s eyesight and eye health is really important as they grow up. At school, their eyesight lets them discover and learn, so being able to see properly is crucial to their overall development as they progress through school. Having regular eye tests helps your optometrist detect any vision problems your child may […]