What’s Happening at your Independent Optician in Derby?


We’re a small independent optician in Derby and we always make sure that we invest in the very latest technology, so that we can provide a better service to our patients.

Recently, we’ve had some exciting new machines installed to help make our examinations even more thorough so we know exactly what’s going on with your eye health.

Here’s a rundown of the technology we use during your eye examination and how they help us to give you the best eyecare service.



Preliminary Tests

Before you see Davina or Fiona for your eye examination, Lisa, Joanna or Lina will carry out some preliminary tests, to check your field of vision.

This machine maps out your field of view. It means that we can identify your blind spot and see any other areas where you might have reduced vision. A useful test for glaucoma amongst other things.

Field screening checks your peripheral vision

During these preliminary tests, Joanna and Lisa will also take a picture and OCT scan of the back of your eye with a special camera. It gives us a detailed picture of the retina, blood vessels, optic disc and macula. These photographs can give us tell-tales signs about more general health conditions, like raised blood pressure and diabetes.

The OCT Scanner

The OCT Scanner helps us to check the back of your eye

This is the real high tech piece of kit! The OCT Scanner is a special tool. It takes 128 individual scans of the back of your eye to show us the structure of the eye in detail. It allows us to create a 3D image so that we can monitor any very small changes. There are so many ways we can analyse your eye, even measuring parts of your retina and cornea to the micron! The OCT scans can aid diagnosis of many ocular conditions.

Consultation and Eye Examination

During your consultation, we’ll ask you about your general health, the history of your eye health and your lifestyle. This will include your occupation, such as questions about how long you spend at a computer screen, what you do in your spare time, such as playing lots of active sport or watching films.

We then check how well you can see.

We use charts and images to check your vision. We recently had some really cool technology installed, where we can project lovely images for children to look at during their eye examination. The Thomson Test Chart 2000 is developed by a Professor and is very varied for all abilities, making your eye exam as smooth as possible. The test chart can help children to relax with so many images and videos to watch and also helps us to check how well they can see, before they can recognise letters.

Checking the refraction in your eye

We’ll also check the refraction in your eye, to determine whether you need to wear spectacles or not. For this, we use a machine called a Phoropter instead of you having to wear a heavy and uncomfortable frame on your nose which we have to keep slotting lenses in and out of. The phoropter makes your refraction much more comfortable and accurate!

We use a fantastic gadget to check the pressure of your eye WITHOUT a puff of air! We have a special machine called an iCare tonometer and it works by touching a special probe to your cornea for a fraction of a second. Most patients don’t even know it’s happened!

If your pressure shows to be a little elevated, Fiona and Davina are accredited to be able to deliver an alternative method of checking the pressure, called Goldmann Applanation Tonometry, which would usually have to be carried out at the hospital. Davina and Fiona have undergone training to be able to carry out this simple and quick procedure in the practice to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital eye department where appropriate. The Goldmann Applanation method of tonometry is the ‘gold standard’ of measuring eye pressure.


Once you’ve had your eye exam, if you need glasses, you’ll see Ruth or Helen, our frame and lens experts. This is where the fun begins!

Designer frame and lens experts help you to choose the best spectacles

Our super-duper new machine, Visioffice® 2, helps Ruth & Helen to make sure your varifocal lenses are absolutely perfect for you. We’re the first and only optician in Derby to have the machine installed. It helps us to dispense lenses that make the most of all the advances in technology that we’ve seen over the last few years.

It has an impressive camera and takes precise measurements of your eyes, your head movements and even your posture, so that you can have completely bespoke lenses in your chosen frames that will help you see in the best possible light.

These tools have helped us to create a connected practice. All of the images we take during your eye examination are collated onto one system so that everyone at the practice who looks after you whilst you’re with us knows what’s going on with your eyes.

If you prefer contact lenses to spectacles, or if you would just like to give them a try, our contact lens trials with Davina and Fiona are always complimentary.


If you would like to book an eye examination with a difference, then book with Richard Petrie Optometrists, your independent optician in Derby.

Call us on 01332 292910 or book online.

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