The contact lens trial

The optometrist will first discuss with you why you want to wear contact lenses. Your general health and any medication you are taking will be checked at this time as both can effect your ability to wear contact lenses.

An ocular examination will then take place where special equipment such as a slit lamp and keratometer are used to check the condition and measurements of your eye.

Now comes an important process where the practitioner and the patient go through all the different lens options before selecting what is the best fit for your particular case.

A trial lens will either be taken from stock or ordered specially. The practitioner will place the lens onto the surface of your eye. Against popular beliefs this is not painful as modern lens materials are very soft and flexible – the lenses will be left to settle for about 15-20 minutes. After this time the fit will again be checked along with your levels of vision whilst wearing the lenses

After this short trial your vision and the fit of the lens will be checked in case any alterations need to be made and you will be asked if you want to proceed. Usually there is NO charge for a contact lens trial. If there is, this will be discussed during your appointment before proceeding.

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