Contact lenses

Contact lenses have come a long way in the last few years so that even for people who may have tried contact lenses some years ago it is well worth looking at them again.

Contact lenses are available in single vision, single vision toric  (which correct astigmatism) and bifocal and multifocal lenses for presbyopes.

In addition to these types there are many different combinations of hard, gas permeable and soft materials, plus different frequencies of replacement – daily, fortnightly, monthly, extended wear and yearly.

The recent addition of fashion lenses – either straight colours or “crazy” leaves the patient with a bewildering set of options.

Another addition to our range is multi-focal contact lenses which help you to see near and far without the need for reading glasses.

If you are considering contact lenses as a replacement for spectacles, or just as an occasional alternative, then, for the sake of the health of your eyes, there is a process which we must take you through.

If you are already wearing spectacles, and have an up to date prescription, there is no need for an eye examination. On the other hand if you are just considering cosmetic lenses and don’t have a current prescription you will need an eye examination before we can start to fit you with lenses.

What age can my child wear contact lenses from?

While it is possible to fit extremely young children with contact lenses we prefer to wait until they are old enough to be responsible for, and care for, their lenses themselves. Only you can know when this is but in general we are happy to fit patients as young as ten with their parents’ approval.