Choosing The Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must have item all year round, although for many of us it is something we only think of needing in the summer or when we go on holiday . But how much do we really know when it comes to picking sunglasses? Is it as simple as being able to pick up a pair when we do the weekly shop, or do we need to know what we’re looking for?

So what do you need to know when choosing sunglasses?

CE Marking

The first thing to look out for when buying a pair of sunglasses is the CE mark. All sunglasses sold should carry this mark, usually on the side of the frame. The CE mark means that the sunglasses meet the European Standards for sun protection, and will provide you with the correct amount of protection from UV rays.


There are so many different styled sunglasses available, from round shaped, to aviators to wrap sunglasses.

Choosing your style of frame will be based on your own personal preferences but also what you want to use them for. Are they for a holiday or will you be using them to play sport?

When choosing your sunglasses you want to ensure that the lenses fully cover your eye and the surrounding skin. Not only do we need to protect our eyes but the skin around them is incredibly thin and delicate so choosing a pair of sunglasses with a larger lens helps to protect this area too.

Wrap around sunglasses are very popular with people who play sport. This style of sunglasses wraps around the side of the head providing more protection from sunlight in your peripheral vision, allowing you to see more when in a sporting environment.


Whether you require a prescription or not there are options available when it comes to the lenses in your sunglasses.

The sunglasses we have in stock are available to purchase off the shelf , or they can be ordered with prescription lenses.

But your lens options don’t just stop there, you can have them simply tinted, polarised or with a mirror finish! Before you think that there are too many options to choose from, here are the differences between them:


Many of the sunglasses you buy off the shelf will have tinted lenses in them, this means they are darker than clear lenses. Most come in brown or grey but you can also get different colours and graduated tints, where they get lighter towards the bottom. Whilst these tints will still protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, glare from the sun won’t be fully blocked out and your vision may be uncomfortable, especially if you are by the sea and the sun is being reflected off the water.


Polarised lenses are fantastic as they block out glare from the sun. They are designed to only let in vertically angled light, glare from the sun is eliminated because the horizontal light cannot pass through this vertical filter. By having polarised lenses you not only block out the nuisance glare but it also helps to enhance colour contrast and provide better visual comfort. Polarised lenses are a favourite with golfers and fisherman as they can see clearly when they are out on the course or looking into water. All Maui Jim sunglasses come polarised with colour enhancing technology to ensure the wearer is always seeing the best possible quality.


Mirrored lenses are really fashionable at the moment but they also have some vision benefits. As the lenses are mirrored they reflect more sunlight than a regular tinted lens, and are great for bright conditions such as being at sea, or in the snow skiing.

Mirrored lenses are typically available in an array of colours and gradients and can also be polarised! Many of the Maui Jim sunglasses are available in a mirror finish in different colours, as are some of our Ted Baker sunglasses.  

For more information on sunglasses or lenses why not pop in and see a member of the team or give us a call on 01332 291010.

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