Richard’s View: What is a Cataract?

Richard Petrie of Richard Petrie Optomoetrists in LittleoverWe should all expect to develop some Cataract. Most of us will to live long enough for the natural ageing processes in the lens to cause a lack of clarity within it. Exposure to Ultra Violet light has a cumulative effect on the lack of clarity of the lens which doesn’t show up until many years after the original exposure. There is no better argument for making the children wear sunglasses that wrap round and protect their eyes properly when exposed to bright sunlight.

Cataract, these days, is a relatively straightforward condition to treat. That is not to say that the surgery involved doesn’t include some very hi-tech procedures, but it is usually very quick and painless and often doesn’t involve a stay in hospital. The procedure takes about twenty minutes under local anaesthetic and you are usually home before lunch with remarkably good vision for most patients almost from day one.

In my next blog, I’ll be talking about Glaucoma.

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