Style & Make-up Tips for Glasses Wearers

The Christmas Party season is well and truly upon us and at the practice, we’ve been talking about style & make-up tips for people who wear glasses.

Whether you wear glasses all the time, on the odd occasion, or just for tasks like reading or driving, there are some fantastic make-up and styling tips for glasses wearers that we’ve picked up that can help to make your specs the finishing touch to your Christmas party outfit!

Make-up Tips for Glasses Wearers

Eye make-up tips for glasses wearersEyebrows

Defining your eyebrows so that they sit above your spectacle frames can lift your face. Use your specs to frame your eyes and your brows to frame your specs.








You can be playful with eye make-up under spectacles.Top make-up tip Use your glasses to frame your face

    • Some frames, especially chunky ones can cast a shadow under your eye. Counteract this (and dark circles) with a yellow toned concealer.
    • Cats eye flicks look fantastic and pointing eye liner out to the top corner of your frames will draw your eyes up and make them look bigger than they are. The thicker your glasses frames, the thicker your eyeliner should be!
    • For a more dramatic look, go for a darker colour eye liner and smudge along your lash line.
    • Dark and heavy eye shadow can look a bit heavy, so keep it minimal with neutral shades. Shimmer eyeshadow looksgreat on everyone and is great for the party season.
    • Mascara can be troublesome for spectacle wearers, but don’t fret. Invest in a creamy formula mascara, that’s volumizing rather than curling, so that it doesn’t hit your lenses when you blink. Apply more mascara to the base of your lashes rather than the tips to stop them getting too heavy.



  • Make sure that you blot off any excess foundation before you put on your glasses, to stop getting foundation on your frames.
  • Use a good quality primer or BB cream to help prevent make up on the bridge of your nose rubbing off onto your frames.
  • You can use a highlighter or blusher to make your cheeks and cheekbones look more radiant. This will also help you to reduce the effect of shadow cast on your face by your frames.



  • A bold frame can take a bold lip colour. Go bright and bubbly with pink or orange or Hollywood starlet with a deep red. If your skin tone suits, opt for a dark purple or burgundy for your Christmas party, just like Candice from Great British Bake Off.
  • There’s no harm in matching your lips to your frames. And red is so Christmassy, it would be rude not to!



Hair Styling Tips for Glasses Wearers

  • If you’ve got long hair, try curling the ends and pinning back a few strands from around your face for a more elegant look
  • If you’ve got a fringe, keep all of the focus at the top of your face, with a top knot, defined brows and winged eyeliner.
  • If you’ve got a side fringe, pair it with a volumized beehive and a proper cats eye flick for your party.
  • Got short or cropped hair? Go for loads of texture to frame your face.



A Quick Guide to Choosing Glasses for your Face Shape


rp-glasses-infrographicIf you have a square face…

Opt for round or oval spectacles. Dark or bold coloured frames work well too.


If you have a heart shaped face…

Oval and round shaped frames will suit you and thin frames in lighter colours look good.


If you have an oval face…

You’re lucky! Choose any shape, as long as they’re not too big and you can go wild with colour too!


If you have a round face…

Square or strong, angular frames work best – avoid small, short frames or round glasses.


If you have a diamond shaped face…

Oval or rimless frames or glasses with strong brow lines, like cats eye frames will work well for you.


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