Working With Stylist Suzanne Suthers To Bring Our Eyewear Styling Service To Derby

In early 2022 we launched our eyewear styling service. Why did we feel it was important to extend our service beyond vision and hearing, and into building self-esteem? We truly believe that when you dress in alignment with yourself, you feel energised and can enjoy a greater sense of fulfilment, and this is exactly what we want for our loyal customers.

We often collaborate with Suzanne Suthers, personal stylist and colour consultant, to provide additional services on styling. In the blog below, Suzanne writes about our partnership to date.


Just before Christmas 2021 Davina Dosanjh contacted me to ask if I could help her team to update their work wardrobes. As the owner of a busy firm of optometrists, Davina didn’t want her team to all wear the same uniform but to dress as individuals. At the same time, each team member would still be required to dress in a way that represented the business brand, giving the impression of unity.

Davina’s words were music to my ears, a business owner who was willing to give her staff the room to reflect their own individual uniqueness! A brave move for any business owner but Davina explained that she trusted her team as they were dedicated to the business and wanted to express the Richard Petrie brand well.

The Team at Richard Petrie Launching the Eyewear Styling Service
Davina and the team at Richard Petrie


As the company website was being updated photographer Simon Smith had been booked to take fresh team photographs, giving us four months to prepare for the shoot. Davina felt that the previous photographs lacked colour and wanted the new images to reflect the energy and vibrancy of their current services. As the store is now offering a styling service with a fabulous range of Italian frames, Davina wanted the team to appear inspirational to the public.

On meeting the team, I explained to them the power of wearing the colours that best suit our own individual skin tone as the right colours make us appear more vibrant and visible. We also discussed how to combine workwear colours whilst still appearing professional. I then asked each team member to consider how they wanted to represent themselves along with contemplating how customers would expect them to appear as clients have an expectation of how certain professional should look.

After the team discussion, I consulted with each team member in private. We spent time discovering their wardrobe likes and dislikes followed by an individual colour analysis. The colour analysis revealed their own best colours along with suggestions for make-up shades and accessories.

As the staff members had been given a workwear allowance, we were able to shop on-line together for their wardrobes which the team really enjoyed. This resulted in at least two new outfits for each staff member. They were then able to combine their looks with a variety of stylish frames from the range at the store to enhance their own impact.

Personal style meets professional style at Richard Petrie

As we had chosen clothes that would harmonise with the business brand colours it was easy to coordinate outfits in preparation for the photoshoot. The resulting photographs speak for themselves showing a new vibrant representation of the team. The images bring colour to the Richard Petrie website, inspiring clients to book for their fabulous styling service.

I will certainly be recommending the wonderful service at Richard Petrie to my clients, especially as the staff understand the impact of colour and styling. With an extensive range of styles available in store the frames can also be used as an accessory in combination with their optical use.

I’m proud to be working with the inspiring Richard Petrie business and look forward to watching the growth of their fabulous brand!

For questions on Richard Petrie’s Eyewear Styling Service, contact us or read more here.

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