Driving In The Sun

Although the sunny weather is a blessing when we get it, it can be a nuisance when driving. Whether it is the low winter sun, or the height of summer, driving with added glare can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

According to data from the Department of Transport, around 3900 people are injured in traffic accidents each year caused by the blinding effects of the sun.

Here are our top tips to help improve your visibility when driving and keep you from driving blind.

Wear Sunglasses. Wear sunglasses. Wear sunglasses!

Our biggest tip when driving in bright, sunny conditions is wear sunglasses! Keeping a pair of sunglasses in the car at all times ensures that you always have them to hand when it gets bright. Bright sun and wet roads can cause an awful glare when driving, by wearing polarised sunglasses these filter out the light that causes glare and help  improve visibility.

When purchasing sunglasses ensure that they carry the CE mark. This means they have been tested and meet the European safety standards. We have a wide range of Maui Jim polarised sunglasses and Ted Baker sunglasses available to purchase off the shelf or have your prescription put into. You can also choose to have a pair of polarised lenses put into any of our frames in stock.

Keep Up To Date With Your Eye Examinations

Although the glare from the sun may be reducing your vision, it is important to keep up to date with your eye examinations, especially when driving. At present, the DVLA requirement for driving is to be able to read a number plate 20 metres away. Earlier this year a pilot was started in three areas of south England where Police were able to stop driving and check their vision, those who fail to reach the DVLA standard will have their licenses revoked at the road side. In order to prevent this, we encourage all drivers to have an eye examination at least every two years unless recommended otherwise, or you feel your vision has changed since your last examination.

If you want to book in for a driving vision check before booking your examination, contact us to book in today.

Keep Your Windscreen Clean

A dirty windscreen can make glare worse as dirt and debris scatter sunlight and lower visibility. Make sure your windscreen is clean inside and out before starting your journey. It is advised that you keep your windscreen fluid topped up and check your wiper blades for wear and tear, to ensure that you get a full clean on your screen and no marks are left behind.

If you are concerned about your vision and need to book an eye examination feel free to give us a call, or alternatively you can book online. You can also make an appointment with a dispensing optician to discuss our sunglasses options.

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