Don’t Settle for a Restricted View

When we go to the theatre, we go for the live experience. We want to see, hear and feel what’s happening on stage and be completely immersed in the story. An intense play or spectacular musical can cause you to suspend your disbelief and escape from the mundanities of modern life. You can enter the world of 1980s Wall Street, be a part of a wedding on a Greek island or sit in the dining room of an aristocratic family (bonus points if you got all those references).

Seeing the Difference

winter frame trends from Calvin KleinHowever, if you can’t see everything happening on stage, your connection with the story and its characters can be disrupted. The right pair of spectacles could make the difference between you catching the sly wink and a smirk, between two lovers having a secret affair or completely missing it.

A Historical Spectacle

In Elizabethan times, the best seats in the house were in the Royal box. They were built high up, to show the wealth and status of their occupants and they were far away from the groundlings stood below. People went to the theatre to hear a play and to be seen by others, not to watch the players on the stage.

Nowadays, seats in the stalls are often among the most expensive to buy, because they have the best view of the stage. It’s not all about the words and the Shakespearian soliloquies but about the body language and nuances of characters’ interactions; it’s about the set, lighting and special effects. Especially, in shows with high production values, the visuals must be a feast for the eyes, what you see is every bit as important as anything else. You wouldn’t pay full price to go to a theatre to not be able to see the actor’s faces and the set.

Restricted Viewing

Sometimes ‘restricted view’ tickets come with a sizeable discount, but if you’ve paid your hard-earned money, whether at Derby Live or the West End, for full price tickets, you want to be able to see everything.

Don’t have a restricted view because of your eyesight or you’ll be left wondering whether the female lead is sneaking off with the boy next door or the business tycoon, because they’re both tall and have dark hair. Get your eyes tested and see the full picture and the full story.

Eye Examinations in Derby

If you’re missing out with your vision, or if you’ve not had an eye examination for more than two years, you can book online or call us on 01332 291010.

After your examination, we can help you choose the best eye care option for your lifestyle, so you can see the theatre program and the live performance next time you get your hands-on tickets to a show. That might be contact lenses or a pair of spectacles. Plus, with the latest eyecare technology in the form of our VisiOffice® 2, you can have bespoke lenses in your glasses, so you’ll never miss a thing.

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