What is tonometry?

Tonometry is the measurement of your eye pressure which tells us about the environment inside the eye. 

You may be familiar with the traditional “puff of air" test but in a friendlier manner, our iCare tonometer means we can quickly and easily measure the pressure of your eyes without any “puff of air". 

Many people refer to this as “the glaucoma test". Although high pressure can lead to glaucoma, it is not the only test for glaucoma but used as part of the eye examination to allow us to assess your eye health.

How do you measure the pressure of my eyes?

With our small, hand held “iCare tonometer” we can safely and rapidly take a reading of your eye pressure. A small disposable probe touches the cornea very lightly for a fraction of a second which is barely noticeable. The test is suitable even for sensitive patients and children if required – the vast majority of patients never feel it at all. 

Why do you measure eye pressure?

Your eye pressure reading gives us an idea of what the environment inside your eye is like, measured in “mmHg" like your blood pressure. There are delicate nerve fibres lining the inside wall of the eye, which form part of the retina. If pressure in the eye rises over a particular level, for some people, this can lead to damage of the retina or glaucoma. 

Since this can happen without any pain or symptoms, you may not be aware of any changes occurring so it is important to attend for a regular eye examination.

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