Fundus Photography involves taking a picture of the back of your eye which is very helpful to the optometrist as it gives a detailed image of the retina, blood vessels, optic disc and macula. All photos taken are saved on the patients individual record. When taken on subsequent visits the records can be used to detect any changes.

On the photograph above the yellowish round shaped area is called the Optic Disc. This is where blood vessels leave and enter the eye in order to supply it with nutrients. The dark red blood vessels are veins via which blood leaves the eye and the lighter red blood vessels are arteries via which blood enters the eye. The network of the blood vessels is often referred to as the vascular tree. The darker area in the middle of the picture is called the macula and in the centre of this area is the fovea where we see in detail and have the highest acuity. The fovea is densely packed with cone cells which give rise to colour vision.

These tests help the optometrist not only check the health of your eye but in some cases can give early indications of the onset of more general conditions such as raised blood pressure and diabetes.

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