Eye test in Derby



Why are you having your eyes examined? Is it a routine check-up or have you come for a specific reason such as VDU screening. If you are experiencing problems with your eyes or vision your practitioner will need to know what symptoms you have, how long you have had them and whether any changes have happened suddenly or slowly over a period of time.


Your optometrist will need to know about your general health including any medication you are taking, whether you suffer from headaches, currently wear spectacles or contact lenses, or have any close relatives with a history of eye problems etc.

Additional information

This will help your practitioner to make an accurate assessment and includes your occupation, whether you play sports or have any hobbies etc.

Your eyes will be examined both externally and internally. This will enable an assessment to be made of the general health of your eyes.

The interior of your eye will be examined using an ophthalmoscope which shines a light through the pupil allowing a view of the internal structures.

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