Davina Discusses... How Do You Choose Where To Shop? -

Davina Discusses… How Do You Choose Where To Shop?

We are increasingly being given the message about being more responsible with our decisions. Decisions like recycling, buying ethical products, not wasting electricity, even down to the food we consume and what is the carbon footprint of producing it. In general, being more conscious of the impact of our actions seems to be high on the agenda.

This has got me thinking about where I choose to shop and spend our hard earned cash. Knowing what power huge corporate companies have, in that they can take action yet often choose not to at times, makes me feel even more driven to attempt to make better choices. For example, hearing that Amazon recently changed all their Prime packaging from cardboard to non recyclable plastic packaging! Why?!  .Just think of the volume of new waste which is now being created on this frankly irresponsible decision.

new amazon prime packaging that cannot be recycled

I now find myself looking for independent book shops or visiting Waterstones rather than feed Amazon. It is a challenge since they make it SO convenient to shop online, but I do feel satisfied that I have probably made much more of a difference to a UK based, local town business when I shop local. Ultimately, I also benefit from this if they remain a successful company and add to the success of the City.

The same goes for our independent practice in Littleover. We employ 6 local individuals with families and when anyone chooses to visit us and purchase the products we sell, we all personally benefit. So thank you! There is always talk of the decline of the high street but the recent Visa advert in advance of Christmas did give me some optimism. Visa, a global company, are promoting the independent high street and it really has a feel good factor. This is the feel good factor I get when I shop locally and in independent, small businesses for products or services. I feel I am helping someone I can talk to and speak to and it helps a local economy.

If we all start to think a little wider and choose to make some of our buying decisions a little differently at times it could have a wonderful effect on your own local high street and village. A much more vibrant and connected community is waiting to emerge. A local community who support one another and share with one another what works well. Word of mouth is such a strong and effective way to support business.

At our practice we get many referrals from word of mouth but I now notice that the new word of mouth can sometimes be in the form of reviews. We have probably all checked out somewhere new before we visit, whether it be a product or service. It can sway how we spend our time and money. This is now the modern “word of mouth” and reviews are essential to new business in a digital world.

Thanks you for all those who have visited us and those who take time to review us as it really does make a difference to our small, independent business.

Have a conscious Christmas and a waste free New Year! See you in 2020!

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