Contact Lens Trial

What Happens at a Contact Lens Trial?

At your contact lens trial, one of our Optometrists will discuss with you your lifestyle and how frequently you would want to wear your contact lenses. 

Depending on your prescription and the frequency of wear, you will be offered the choice of a daily, 2 weekly or monthly contact lens.

daily contact lenses

The Optometrist will insert the contact lenses into your eyes. These will then be left to settle for 15-20 minutes before rechecking the fit and your vision.

Insertion and Removal 

Following the contact lens fitting, if you are a first time wearer you will be taught how to correctly insert and remove your contact lenses, and how to care for them correctly.

inserting a contact lens

If you are successful at inserting and removing your contact lenses correctly 3-4 times, you will be given some lenses to take home and try.

An appointment will be booked for you to come back wearing your contact lenses to check you vision and the fitting before any lenses can be ordered.

If you are happy with your trial and wish to go ahead with contact lenses you will be required to sign up to our contact lens direct debit scheme. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Our contact lens scheme is £11 per month which covers the cost of any contact lens appointments you may need. You won’t be able to order any contact lenses until you join the scheme. Prices of contact lenses vary and will be discussed with you once a lens has been selected for you.