Contact Lens Care and Handling

Caring for and handling you contact lenses correctly is incredibly important, as doing so will help reduce the risk of contact lens related infections.

How To Look After Your Contact Lenses

  • Before inserting or removing your contact lenses thoroughly wash and dry your hands.
  • If you have 2 weekly or monthly contact lenses you will have a case to keep your lenses in, this needs to be cleaned each day.
  • Maintain a CLEAN CASE: in the morning spill any old solution, rinse the inside of the case with SOLUTION (not water) and leave to dry face down on a clean tissue. Always use fresh solution to store lenses in overnight.
  • Once your lenses have been removed at the end of the day, ensure that you rub them in fresh solution on the palm of your hand for 5-10 seconds before storing them.
  • If you have daily disposable contact lenses, throw them away after each time you wear them.
  • Replace your contact lenses when they should be replaced, even if you haven’t worn them for a full day/fortnight/month.
  • Ensure your contact lenses are removed when coming into contact with water, for example when showering or swimming.
Contact lens on finger

Contact Lens Aftercare

It is very important that you keep up to date with your contact lens aftercare appointments. This is to make sure that you are wearing the most up to date prescription, and to ensure that the health of your eyes is still as it should be.  Contact lenses are directly in contact with the surface of your eye and so there is a higher risk of contact lens related problems.

When you have your ‘teach’ appointment you will be shown how to correctly insert and remove your lenses. This video, produced by contact lens manufacturer Alcon, shows the different stages of how to insert and remove your contact lenses correctly and safely, and will be used in your appointment.

By ensuring that your wear your contact lenses as advised and attend appointments when we remind you that you are due, you should hopefully be able to enjoy a long and comfortable contact lens wearing experience!

If you need any advise or information you can call us and book in to see an Optometrist, your contact lens direct debit covers ANY appointments you may need relating to your contact lenses and any issues you may have.