Contact Lens Recycling

In March 2019 we joined Acuvue and Terracycle in their nationwide scheme for Contact Lens Recycling.

Every year thousands of contact lenses and their packaging get thrown into landfill or flushed down the toilet which contributes to the plastic waste in the environment.

Contact lens brand ACUVUE® have partnered up with recycling company TerraCycle® to offer a national solution for recycling contact lenses and their packaging. Johnson and Johnson, the manufacturers of Acuvue contact lenses recognises the importance of creating environmentally sustainable products and looks at the full life-cycle of a product it’s during development.

We are one of 3 registered drop off points for recycling in Derby, and open up our contact lens recycling to everyone and not just our patients.

At the moment only soft contact lenses can be recycled, along with the blister packaging and foil lid. These can be kept all together and dropped off in the designated box in our waiting area or given to a member of staff.

Items for Contact lens recycling

When we have a full box of lenses we send these off to Terracycle to be recycled. The video below shows the full recycling process of all waste sent to Terracycle and the end products.