What to expect in an eye test

For some, the idea of visiting the Optometrist sparks nervous feelings. Maybe you’ve never had an eye exam and don’t know what to expect, perhaps you’ve heard second hand stories of what happens or you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a bad experience elsewhere in the past.

Regular eye examinations are important. They keep your vision healthy but can also show us in detail any small but significant changes to the eye which could be caused by something more serious.

At Richard Petrie Optometrists, we take care to ensure all patients, including those who may be a little anxious are given the very best eye care with a friendly service. From greeting you at reception and taking you through the eye exam, to helping you choose frames and staying in touch with you till your next appointment, we make sure you feel at ease.

As a new patient we realise that you might feel a little bit nervous so here is what you can expect when you visit Richard Petrie Optometrists for a routine eye exam.

Eye tests at Richard Petrie
  1. Lisa and Joanna are our optical assistants. Lisa has worked with us for 26 years and puts patients at ease from the first moment. Joanna joined us three years ago and is currently training in Optical Practice Support. Lisa and Joanna will make sure we have all the correct information for you and make sure you’re ready to see the optometrist.
  1. Davina and Richard are our Optometrists. Richard founded the business in 1978 with Davina joining in 2007 and later taking over the business in 2014. Both still work together with more than 55 years’ experience between them. Before your test they’ll ask you a few things about you, such as your job and hobbies which could affect your eyesight.
  1. Ruth is our Dispensing Optician. With Richard and Davina’s recommendations from the eye exam, Ruth can go through the best type of lenses to suit your prescription and offer advice to choose new frames. We’ve got a huge range of different styles from bold acrylic and half rim frames to colours and designer.

We hope this helps you feel more relaxed about your eye test. If you’re feeling nervous about visiting the Optometrist, just give us a call on 01332 291010 and have a chat with us or drop in to speak to us about it.


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