Vision in the Classroom

Whereas sight testing checks the smallest letters or images we can see, vision is more a measure of our interpretation and reaction to the information our brain receives through our eyes.

Often, the best people to spot vision problems in children are the ones who spend all day watching over them: teachers and nursery nurses.

That’s why we’ve come up with a handy Teacher’s PDF Checklist, which points out the tell-tale signs which could indicate issues with their vision.

Of course, if you’re a parent or carer, you’re welcome to download the list too, for when your little ones are at home.

Changes to vision screening came into place in April 2016 and we wanted to let you know that children can come along for an eye test at any age. You can read more about what happens during a child’s eye test.


Our checklist includes things to look for which could indicate problems with:

The movement of the eyes – The way our eyes move help us with close-up tasks and the speed that we read. Problems with eye movements can be indicated by lots of head movements whilst reading.

The way the eyes work together – Our eyes work together as a team, which helps us with special awareness, depth perception and orientation. Clumsiness, squinting and blinking are all common symptoms of problems.

Eye-to-hand co-ordination – The way our eyes and hands work together as learning tools. Particularly relevant for children, eye to hand co-ordination can dictate the level of accuracy when writing or drawing.


You can download the full checklist here to monitor any child’s eyesight.

If you have any concerns, please bring them along to the practice for an eye test. We can check if there are any problems and if necessary, suggest treatment plans or refer you to a specialist.

Children’s eye examinations are free and they are entitled to a voucher worth £40 off frames, right up until the day before their nineteenth birthday.

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