Road Safety Week

A UK campaign to highlight the importance of road safety launches next month and we’re backing the week-long event.

As part of Road Safety Week, which runs from 18-24 of November, we’re joining forces with organisations across the country to raise awareness of how regular eye examinations can help prevent road accidents.

Road Safety Week has been organised by Brake, the road safety charity, and is the biggest road safety awareness event in this country.

As part of this important national initiative, Road Safety Week encourages motorists to keep up to date with their eye examinations. It is urging everyone – especially regular drivers – to have an eye examination at least every two years.

Government statistics reveal that around 3,000 road casualties are down to poor driver vision each year. Our advice is, don’t risk driving if you’re noticing problems with your vision or you haven’t had your eyes checked recently.

At any age, eyesight problems can develop so it is a good idea to get your eyes checked to reduce the possibilities of potential sight issues, like macular degeneration.

We’re offering free number plate eye test checks

It’s a fact that eye tests save lives – so book yours today.

As part of the week-long campaign, we’ll be offering number plate eye test checks on November 16th during our opening times of 9am and 11.30am. You will be able to speak to an optometrist about any concerns you have.

During the day, you can come in and we’ll test to see if you can clearly read a vehicle’s registration plate within the legal minimum distance – set out by the DVLA.

The law says you must be able to read a car number place from 20 metres away – with glasses or contact lenses. New data from the DVLA suggest that over half of all motorists are unaware of the 20m requirement, set out by the DVLA. To find out more about this visit

We’ve also created a ‘check your vision’ handout, so why not pop in and pick one up!

safe driving with good eyesight

Here’s what the experts say

Lewis Wright, director of the successful WrightStart Driving School in Oakwood, Derby, is also backing next month’s Road Safety Week.

As part of the week-long campaign in November, he says regular eye tests CAN prevent motorists from having road accidents and is encouraging people to book their eye tests.

Lewis says: “Having regular eye tests is vitally important, especially if you are a road user and drive a car. It’s good forward planning if you keep up with appointments at your local opticians.

“As a driver, good eyesight means you’ll have greater hazard perceptions on the road and you will have the ability to recognise any actual or potential hazards as soon as possible.

“Spotting road signs early could reduce accidents because you won’t be making last minute decisions in your car.

“All road users should have regular eye tests because it’s about looking after your physical health and general well-being.”

During Road Safety Week, the police often do roadside checks of vehicles for safety, highlighting the dangers of poorly maintained vehicles. They may also ask drivers to read number plates from the 20m distance.

Thousands of organisations, school and community projects also take part, with road safety demonstrations, events, awareness video screenings and talks.

If you’re a driver, make sure your eye examinations are up to date.

Old drivers

It’s common for older people to have medical conditions, slower reaction times and a reduced ability to multitask and this can impair a person’s ability to use roads safely – especially if you drive.

The older you are the more important it is to ensure your eyesight remains good enough to drive.

Don’t assume you’ll notice an eyesight problem, as vision can deteriorate significantly without you noticing.

Remember, eye tests are free in the UK for those over the age of 60 – so book in now. We offer both private and NHS eye examinations and they are carried out by either Davina or Fiona – our fully-qualified optometrists.

Pick up the telephone and book an eye examination with us, by calling 01332 291010.

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