Menopause and Eye Health in collaboration with MOKO Physiotherapy, Mickleover

When aspects of our health change, whether it be eye health or health in general, we look for answers. We ask ‘why?’, we may (attempt) to involve a GP or even (Dr) Google™ in an effort to find out the reason. Wouldn’t it be easy if there was just 1 single reason only that we could identify and then eradicate. If only it were that simple, the reality is that there are often many layers to the manifestation of changes in health and personal holistic approach is best practice. Our friends at Moko Physiotherapy in Mickleover echoed this recently and continually strive to do so.

Who are MOKO?

We hit it off over our shared passion of helping people out with our clinical expertise as well as trying to reduce barriers to providing the best health services that we can deliver.

Davina and Katie at Moko in Mickleover

Katie, Moko’s owner, is passionate and keen to educate and rehabilitate and the clinic has this ethos at it’s heart. At our Littleover practice we are no different in striving for tailored and evidence-based advice during our consultations with our patients’ needs at heart and looking at the whole picture. Each person is treated as they rightly ought to, as an individual receiving one to one care and consultation time with a professional

At their newest state of the art clinic based in Mickleover, Moko Physiotherapy are holding monthly educational workshops, facilitated by a leading health expert, on popular topics to help individuals improve their heath and wellbeing. Previous topics so far, include; an introduction to exercise, nutrition in the menopause and back pain secrets.  Full of friendly faces, an experienced team and keen curious minds, these workshops have proved a huge success.

Focus on Menopause

The menopause has been highlighted more than ever in the past 12 months at least and so it should, not just in parliament but in our day to day lives. Open conversation about how many biological functions change and how that can impact 50% of our population should, in my opinion, be standard practice. This where GP and advocate for women’s health, Dr Gemma Rowley steps in and will host the next session at Moko on August 5th, there are still a few places left for this opportunity to hear practical advice from an expert with years of experience.

Menopause and Dry Eye

When it comes to the menopause, there are strong links to dry eye symptoms and signs. If you wear contact lenses there are likely to be changes such as dryness and irritation of the ocular surface making contact lens wear less comfortable, more often.

What can I do for my eyes?
Adopting the use of eyedrops can help to add more moisture and stabilise the tear film and the advise is that a regular sustained routine is the best approach as opposed to a one off quick fix as and when issues arise. We have to consider a new habit to assist these changes we are going through. Diet and nutrition can also influence dry eyes and in the UK as a population in general, we significantly lack Omega 3 in our diet which is important to support our eye health and ocular surface comfort. Further lifestyle changes to aid our overall health.

The message we hear at MOKO and the message from me is that eye health and overall health is not usually down to simply 1 or 2 factors, but a multitude. An overall holistic approach and being educated and informed about all options is best practice for improved symptoms and longer lasting benefits.

We look forward to the NEXT educational event on Saturday 5th August 10.30am: Medical management of the menopause with Dr Gemma Rowley and to collaborate further with Katie and her team at Moko in future. BOOK HERE

Dr Gemma Rowley, NHS GP

Amongst the educational workshops, physiotherapy and massage services offered, there is an array of practitioners and exercise classes available, including yoga and Pilates. Moko and Richard Petrie are just 2 clinics with making the most of your health so that you can make the most of life. Future workshops are listed on Moko’s website including, nutrition, sleep, anxiety / depression and medical management of the menopause.

Get in touch with Moko on 01332 501098. Or visit their website

Dry Eye Clinic

Our ‘Dry Eye Clinic’ is our newly launched service in 2023 involving TearLab™ analysis of the tear sample and in depth ocular surface examination with follow up tests as part of the service. For further details about this or any other services and dry eye remedies contact us on 01332 29101, email or visit


About Dr Gemma Rowley

Mother of 3, health and exercise enthusiast and NHS GP who has a special interest in Women’s health and healthy relationships.  I’ve been running an NHS Menopause clinic for 18 months now and have set up DoctoriumGP Menopause clinic recently to support midlife health and wellness in the private sector.  I love to talk about women, getting and staying healthy and vaginal health.  Breaking down taboos and giving women realistic and scientifically evidenced information to help them make their own health choices.

Hear Gemma speak on this topic at Moko in Mickleover on Saturday 5th August 10.30am, contact Moko for tickets.




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Menopause and Eye Health in collaboration with MOKO Physiotherapy, Mickleover
Menopause and Eye Health in collaboration with MOKO Physiotherapy, Mickleover

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