Davina Discusses … Sustainability

Sustainability, plastic pollution and being responsible to the environment are high on the agenda, well I think they should be anyway.

I would be really interested to hear what other people are doing in their homes and lives to reduce their plastic waste and to be more eco-friendly. Have your attitudes changed over the past few years or even months?

To name a few things, I have looked into cling-film alternatives, kept and used glass jars for storage and even started to think differently about how I shop for clothes sustainably rather than having a “throw away” attitude to “fast-fashion” (this is the one I’m finding a bit harder!). Of course re-using plastic bags is done without a second thought.

Documentaries, social media, press coverage and most inspiring recently was the Climate Strike march by school children and students. This information and demonstration cannot be ignored. How dare we not take notice when sooner or later we will have to answer questions about our behaviours and attitudes in response to sustainable living. I was blown away by the display of care and concern towards the planet we all inhabit.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to make choices in business to support a more responsible and sustainable future. We are currently the only independent optician in Derby to have signed up to Acuvue’s new contact lens recycling scheme in collaboration with Terracycle.

The statistics for contact lens waste are frankly ridiculous. I was shocked to find out that a single daily disposable contact lens wearer will dispose of 730 lenses and 1460 pieces of plastic and foil if they wear one pair per day! There are millions of people who are doing this around the globe.

We have a recycling hub at the practice and you can also register to have one at home if this is more convenient.

Over the coming weeks we are pledging to stop giving out any plastic carrier bags and will be switching to paper.

Let us know your tips on how you are being more environmentally friendly. How have you changed your behaviours to be sustainable and responsible to the earth and for the generations for the future? Please do drop your contact lens recycling in for us to send away. Terracycle also donate to Sight Support Derbyshire for every pair of lenses we send them so everyone’s a winner!

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