Davina Discusses…Are your readers ready for reading?

It’s October, it feels like Autumn and it really does feel like it’s time curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cuppa. So what perfect timing that for the first time we have a weekend of the Derby Book Festival to enjoy in Autumn!

For the past few years I’ve started using reading glasses and I say it with pride, but maybe that’s because I’m an Optometrist and I LOVE my glasses. This will be familiar to many of you, but maybe you’re not shouting it from the rooftops, but “why not?” I say!

More seriously, it got me thinking, using my reading glasses has really allowed me to get soaked into a book and enjoy it. This highlights the importance of making sure your eyes have been checked and that you are wearing the best glasses you can, so that you can really enjoy the other things you want to do. I remember before using my glasses, with that wonderful power of hindsight, that actually I wasn’t enjoying reading as much as I now do and that I couldn’t concentrate for as long because my vision was distracting me. Now I put on one of my pairs of reading glasses and read as much as I can!

In celebration of our eyes and vision and being able to get lost in books we are having a “Book Festival Book Swap” in the practice. All week running up to the Derby Book Festival we will be hosting cup’s of tea, cake and the chance to browse some pre-loved books and swap one of your with one of ours! We love to reuse and recycle and what better way to enjoy seeing the lovely members of our community.

  • Bring your reading glasses if you have any for a complimentary MOT service
  • Bring a book and browse ours
  • Swap one of your books for one of ours
  • Have a cuppa and a chat with us

Join in our book swap as part of celebrating the Derby Book Festival

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