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I probably hear comments daily, about people telling me they can “never keep their glasses clean”, that they “always show up marks” or “look greasy all the time”.

Personally I can’t handle looking through my glasses when there’s a smudge on them and I notice the tiniest little mark on the furthest corner of the lens when I have them on. It baffles me how my 8 year old comes home from school with the days finger prints, and sometimes lunch remains over her lenses yet seems barely bothered.

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It’s very rare that we would ever recommend a lens which wasn’t anti-reflective. Lenses which are anti-reflective (you may hear of them as having an anti-glare ‘coating’) in fact let through more light than those without. A lens which is NOT anti-reflective, as well as looking very plastic-y and obvious to the onlooker, makes light from all angles bounce off the lens surfaces. Because this light is reflected it can reduce vision or distract the wearer which is the opposite of what we want your glasses to do!

An anti-reflective lens is very ‘clear’ and ‘see through’, because it is so clean and clear, it does then show up marks more easily when they are dirty. Look after your glasses and have a good, clean, microfibre cloth (not your shirt or end of your jumper/skirt!) to clean the lens up nicely and make sure you’re getting the best vision through the lenses.

I think it’s old hat and poor advice nowadays to ever suggest having a lens which does not have anti-reflective properties, unless there is a valid reason. Older generation lens coatings did used to be greasy and were harder to clean, but new technology has come through again to resolve this

Some lens coatings available not only reduce glare but also repel water, dust and dirt. Some are even available which do not steam up which is great for when you open the oven door or come in from outdoors on a cold day. One of my favourites is the newest anti-reflective lens we use which is SO clear you can barely see any marks, is not greasy at all and will be in my next pair of glasses arriving any day now!

Technology is great and when it makes our daily lives that much better, I think it’s such a great time we live in, to have access to all these great innovations. SO simple, so effective…I look forward to the next generation of what it yet to come!

Top Tips For Keeping Your Glasses Clean:

  • Have 3 microfibre cloths for easy access whenever you want to clean your glasses: Keep one in the car, the other at home and one by your desk or in your pocket/bag.
  • You can use soapy water and your hands for a nice ‘de-grease’ of your lenses as well as your frame. Take care to allow the frame to dry off and buff the lenses with a microfibre cloth. They’ll be sparkling!
  • Always put your glasses in their case or a microfibre drawstring case to protect the lenses
  • Use a lens spray for the lenses for an extra sparkly clean finish and to remove any stubborn debris
  • You can throw the microfibre cloth in the washing machine to make it clean and fresh. Totally reusable and eco-friendly.


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