Covid-19: How has it been for you? Davina shares some of her experience of the last few weeks

How has it been for you?! Really!

I have been meaning to write this blog for about 4 weeks and am not sure where that time has gone! I find myself very interested in hearing how the lockdown period has been for everyone…the impact on each person in a situation where we are enduring such a humanitarian as well as economic challenge, I find fascinating (that’s when I’m not breaking down for some other reason myself!)

I suppose that gives you some insight of what it has been like for me. I have had downs but I have had ups too and it really has been a long and winding rollercoaster. I see some businesses thriving and some amazing entrepreneurship come out of this which is wonderful to witness. I love how adversity and working under pressure can really bring amazing results, it reminds me of a book by Farah Storr: The Discomfort Zone, which talks of how being under pressure can drive great results. This particular situation in which we find ourselves is an extreme version of this but it still bears relevance. Farah was an inspirational speaker I heard at a conference a few years ago.

I have certainly been trying to figure out ways of how to sensibly, professionally and accurately create more business as it has been very tough and only with Government support have we (so far) weathered this pandemic.

At home, I have loved the slower pace of life and am thoroughly caught up on all sleep which has to be one of my favourite things along with (after some adjustment) being able to spend so much time with my 3 little cherubs at home! This is a really unique opportunity to enjoy spending time together and we really have enjoyed more hugs and a slower pace of life to be able to share activities like cooking and trampolining(!) when we aren’t all tearing our hair out whilst schooling (this has to be the hardest part for me personally).

Over the past 5 weeks or so I have listened to the children more openly and with intention and we have really slowed down compared to the “old” ways of school/work/home/shattered/get them to bed mentality. I am enjoying having them present and although not always succeeding, trying to BE present.  I think next year and in the future we really will look back and think “remember when we could just stay at home all day together” and it will, on the whole, be fondly looked back on. I do, however, still have feelings of worry (which for me are pretty unfamiliar) and I am hoping there will not be many painful memories when we do look back since we still have some way to go as a society when restrictions are lifted. 😥

What next…

As I said, we really do still have such a long way to go as a nation and what worries me the most are usually the things which are out of my control. This includes the lack of concern or care displayed by limited numbers of individuals when it comes to safety measures; Measures in place to reduce the spread of the disease which seemingly get denied, misunderstood or simply ignored. I sincerely hope that when some restrictions are lifted, there is still a conscious effort and awareness to be in public space and go about activities with care, as a 2nd wave of infections are inevitable.

As I mentioned at the start, I am really intrigued on how it has been for you so do share your stories and experiences. Mine has been negative and positive, possibly in equal measure. Regular meditation and mindful ways have helped me since I have little to no time to myself as I would normally. Support from Debbie at MindFit Coaching who I have known and used in the business has, as always, been SO helpful and I am very grateful for her business and skills.

What’s worked for you?

After all this the thing I dream of most is the long hugs I will be sharing with all the family and friends I have missed so SO much. Hugging a laptop or kissing into an IPhone just doesn’t cut!

Stay safe, be careful and be conscious for yourself and others.

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One thought on “Covid-19: How has it been for you? Davina shares some of her experience of the last few weeks

  1. Lovely to hear from you Davina,glad you’re all safe and well……if slightly stressed….the main thing is that we are keeping soldiering on!
    The Pendle/Weselby clans are similarly fit and well and fending off impending insanity!, The Pendles are …..dare I say it…..enjoying a break from the school run….probably in common with a lot of Grandparents!
    The Weselbys are getting to grips with working from home and home schooling….as you know,that’s taking a bit of adjustment!!
    Send our love to everyone in your team…and yourself and your family…stay safe, and we’ll see you all on the other side of this challenge!!!Keep baking!!!

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