Contact lenses for children and teenagers

For children who wear glasses, deciding when to start using contact lenses can be tricky. There is no reason why a child or teenager can’t wear them, as long as they are suitable, and feel confident to use them correctly and keep them clean.


At our practice, we have found many children from around 10 years old can start wearing contact lenses but children may have more motivation to make the switch themselves around 12 or 13 years old. Children could start wearing them earlier or later depending on the individual. For children who don’t feel as confident wearing glasses, contact lenses could be a great alternative. They are also ideal if a child plays a lot of sport or takes part in activities that could carry a higher risk of breaking spectacle frames.

Advice on Contact Lenses for Children

During an eye test we will advise children, and their parents on the best type of contact lenses to wear and exactly how to care for them to avoid irritation or infection. Our fully trained optical assistants, Lisa and Joanna will then spend time with the child to help them practice putting them in and taking them out comfortably.


There are different types of contact lenses to choose from, but disposable lenses are most common these days. Some disposable lenses can be used for up to 30 days, whereas dailies are worn and thrown away at the end of each day. The daily option is often a good start for children as it helps them practice fitting them each morning and reduces the risk of infection as they get used to keeping them clean.


Speak to our optometrist at your child’s next appointment if you’re interested in learning more about contact lenses or call into the practice to find out more about which would work best for your child’s vision and lifestyle.

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