Computer Glasses: Lenses to Suit Digital Lives

Our dispensing optician Ruth explains why computer glasses with special lenses for digital use are becoming more important for all ages.

Chances are, you’re reading this online.

We are living in a digital world, that much is true. All of us are spending more time looking at screens – smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer monitors and televisions – which can affect our vision. Computer glasses can help. Especially if you look at a computer screen all day at work, you’re an avid gamer, binge-watch TV boxsets or if you spend lots of time surfing the internet and you find yourself getting tired eyes.

More and More Screen Time

Increased screen time is affecting visionSmartphones are replacing computers, according to research by Ofcom, with 65 percent of adults using a them to go online. Five in nine online activities are carried out on a smartphone. And they are the go-to alternative 78 percent of us who never use a PC for online activity.

It’s not just the younger generation either, with more than 90 percent of 45 to 65-year-olds using at least one digital device daily and 6 in 10 spend more than 4 hours in front of a screen, according to lens manufacturer Essilor.

Combined with Presbyopia starting to affect us in our forties, where the lens losing elasticity can make focussing harder, this can cause us difficulty with our vision.

How Increased Screen Time is Affecting Vision

Computer glasses can help with tired eyesOf those surveyed by Essilor, 7 in 10 suffer from tired eyes and 60 percent make extra effort to read small characters on screen. Their studies also found that using tablets and mobile phones was effecting posture as well as vision.

This can be caused by leaning forward at the office to see the screen better and because we naturally hold digital devices closer to our faces than we would when reading from paper.

The average working distance for a phone is 33cm, but can be as close as 23cm, compared to paper, which averages at 40cm.

Other trends in the digital age, are affecting us too. All those evenings binge-watching TV boxsets, days playing computer games and every day checking on multiple social media channels, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat… bright screens, flashing images, switching between large and small screens and changing ratios can all cause strain on your eyes.

The rise and rise of digital device usage has presented the optometry industry with the new challenge of ultra near vision. But there are some clever products to help people get the best vision possible when using digital devices.

How Can Computer Glasses Help?

Using a tablet can cause eye strainThere are some fantastic lenses on the market to help with ultra-close vision. They’re clever mid-distance lenses that help to relax both your eyes and your posture, to make you more comfortable when using screens.

If you’re looking for computer glasses, call into the practice in Littleover to book an eye examination or talk to us about how our special lens options can help.

Lens Options for Computer Glasses

Varilux® Digitime™ Lenses

Varilux digitime lenses have been specially developed for people who have presbyopia and do a lot of digital activity.

Presbyopia is more commonly known as short-sightedness. It’s something that usually happens around our forties. Read more about Presbyopia in our blog.

There are three different lenses, depending on the distances you need to see most often.

  • Digitime Near is best for ultra near and near vision, like using smartphones and tablets.
  • Digitime Mid are good for intermediate vision, like computer screens or laptops as well as near vision like mobile devices, so they’re a good choice for office glasses.
  • Digitime Room are the best all-rounder. They’re best for extended vision – like watching TV but are also good for computer screens and tablets.

Eyezen Lenses

omputer glasses can help if you use lots of digital devicesEyezen lenses are a great way to protect your eyes from the potential harmful effects of being online. And they can be worn whether you use prescription glasses or not.

They’ve got clever technology to filter out blue-violet light, which is what our eyes are exposed to when we’re looking at screens throughout the day. They also help to reduce eye strain when you’re swapping between devices and distances throughout the day.

Check out this video from Essilor about Eyezen:

Computer Glasses – Any Frames You Like

Because we’re an independent optician, we get some great deals on lenses and we can pass these offers onto you – keep an eye out on our social media channels for any deals.

Plus, the great thing about special lenses is that you can choose absolutely any of our designer spectacle frames for your computer glasses and benefit from our fantastic lenses for digital use.

Choosing Glasses at Richard Petrie

After your eye examination with Davina or Fiona is complete, myself or Helen will help you to choose the perfect glasses for you. We can help you to choose frames that are perfect for your style and talk you through the different lenses so you make the best choice for you. Check out our eye examination appointment walkthrough for more information.

If you think computer glasses are for you, call us on 01332 291010 to book an appointment.

We’ll see you soon!

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