Presenting our new Eyewear Styling service for 2022…

We are passionate about helping you look great and not only like your glasses but actually LOVE to wear them! Glasses are great to add new features and dimensions to your face. If you need to wear glasses (or simply enjoy them as an accessory!), we like to think of it as a way to further immerse yourself in your style and to express your personality. Eyewear styling and choosing the right frames for your face has never been so exciting and is a great opportunity to be grabbed with both hands. Here’s how we help you to love your eyewear at Richard Petrie Optometrists with our eyewear styling service!

Choosing the best frames for your face

At Richard Petrie, we have experience, expertise and a new process to help ensure that you have the right fitting frame for you. It’s not only about how glasses look when you wear them, but how they fit and feel, comfort is key.With this new service, our team aim to find eyewear you don’t just like, but eyewear that you LOVE! This is our passion at Richard Petrie and this will be obvious when you pop in for a visit to our store in Littleover.

What will you gain from an eyewear styling consultation?

We strive to give you an in-depth, personal consultation that we hope you will leave feeling excited about and the eyewear you look forward to wearing.

Our eyewear stylist may also identify shapes or styles you have never considered, and the styling service gives you time and privacy in a comfortable setting to try new styles.

How we can help with eyewear styling at Richard Petrie

Eyewear Styling will help you to discover your most loved eyewear yet! We have three expert frame stylists all on hand to help you with your decision making. With our personable approach, it will be easy to get in touch with Jo, Matt, or Ruth and learn more about eyewear styling than you could possibly dream of. There are so many facets to choosing the right frames that you may never have considered.

What’s involved in the style consultation?

With our dedicated space for your 90-minute styling appointment and a drink in hand, you can relax and let us take you through our newest service.

Part of the styling consultation involves you filling out a unique style questionnaire in an informal manner which, through conversation and sharing your ideas with your stylist, we can best help you find eyewear that compliments you. At Richard Petrie’s, we want to explore exactly what you desire from your eyewear and help guide you to make the perfect choice for every occasion.

Colour matching is also part of the process with 6 main colour palettes, we match you with your most complimentary choices to enhance and accentuate your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour. Your style personality is also explored in detail. Whilst some wish for understated classic or chic styles others may want to make a bold statement with material and colour.

We completely understand that each person is unique and this in-depth consultation helps to uncover what it is that suits you not only in shape but in personality and colour too.

Already a member of the practice?

If you are already a member of RP4 Classic or Extra our styling service is complimentary. For more info on pricing, you can check out our eyewear styling page.

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