The Importance of Children’s Eye Tests Now That Vision Screening Has Changed

Changes to children’s vision screening across Derbyshire came into effect in April 2016.

We’ve been spreading the word about the changes for the last month or so. The new system means that instead of children’s vision being screened at around three-and-a-half to four years of age in a local community setting, it will be done in the child’s reception year at infant school.

This means that optometrists and other eye care professionals have a shorter time to correct any vision problems children might have before their eyesight fully develops, around the age of 8 years old.

Just because the Government has changed the rules, it doesn’t mean that your child’s eyes have to go unchecked. Plus, Children’s eye tests are free on the NHS.

We’ve been blogging and have created some video on the subject and Davina gave a live talk about children’s eyesight at local Derby Nursery Treetops – Silvertrees on Ashbourne Road.

A child's vision being tested at the Richard Petrie practiceFree Children’s Eye Tests

We encourage parents to take full advantage of the free children’s eye tests that are available to children on the NHS.

It gives parents the chance to make sure that their children’s vision is good before they start school. This can avoid situations where children have difficulty seeing the board or concentrating because of issues with their vision.

There’s no minimum age for a child to have an eye examination. We can use pictures and shapes to determine what children can and can’t see. You can read all about Alfie’s first visit to the optometrists for more information on what happens during a child’s eye test.

Signs of Children’s Vision Problems

If you’re concerned about your child’s vision or if you work with children at a nursery, playgroup or school, feel free to download our free checklist for spotting children’s vision problems.

It’s an easy tick list so that you can keep an eye out for any tell-tale signs that a child is struggling to see.

The changes to children’s vision screening come into effect today, 1 April. But, you can bring your child along for an eye test any time.

Call us on 01332 291010 to book your child’s eye examination.

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