Children’s Eye Tests in the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are the perfect time for children’s eye tests. Not only does it fit in nicely with the rest of your new school year preparations – buying new shoes, uniforms, lunchboxes and stationery – but it will also give parents and carers peace of mind when their children go back to school.

Why are children’s eye tests so important?

Children’s eye tests should be done annually until the age of 13Bringing your child along for an eye examination will leave you assured that your child’s vision is fully prepared for returning to the classroom when September comes around.

Children’s vision is really important. Any difficulty with sight can affect concentration levels at nursery and school. The sooner any vision problems are detected, the more effective treatments can be.

Children’s eyes don’t stop developing until they are around eight years old, so any early vision problems can be treated (and in some cases, fully corrected) using spectacles and patches.

Won’t my children’s eyes be tested before school?

Recent changes to children’s vision screening across Derbyshire means that children’s eyes will be tested for the first time in their reception year at school instead of at around three or four years old. This reduces the time gap between detecting vision problems and effectively treating them before children’s eyes stop developing.

A recent study also found that short-sightedness in children is on the rise, so as children grow, it’s worth bringing them along for regular eye examinations, in case anything changes.

Children’s contact lenses and frames

If any eye examination finds that your child is long or short sighted, spectacles aren’t their only option. If your child plays lots of sport or after-school activities that might leave glasses frames at risk of breaking, contact lenses could be the answer.

There’s no minimum age for children to start wearing contact lenses; at the practice, we have found children as young as 10 years old are comfortable fitting them and taking care of them. It all depends on the individual.

Children’s eye tests this summer

Children’s eye tests should be done before they go back to schoolOn 16 August 2016 at Richard Petrie Optometrists, we’re holding a children’s vision drop-in session. So, if you have any questions about children’s eye tests, children’s vision or concerns about your child’s sight, feel free to drop in for a chat.

Throughout the morning, optometrist Davina will be talking about children’s eye examinations, clues that could point to vision problems and treatments that are available for children right from toddlers through to teenagers.

There will be lots of handy information on offer, some light refreshments, and the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

It will be a free session and we’re inviting all parents and carers in Derby to come along and join us. Plus, the children’s corner at the practice will keep little ones entertained whilst you chat to Davina.

To book your children’s eye tests this summer ready for going back to school call us on 01332 291010. To keep up with the latest announcements on the summer eye examinations event, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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