Davina Discusses…Eyecare During the Exam Period

Many of you will be in the throes of GCSE’s or A Level exams right now. You may have noticed you have tried eyes so here are some tips to keep your eyes fresh and comfortable when you have been revising and concentrating for long periods of time. Take A Break Even though you might […]


UV Protection and Your Child.

As we near the warmer, sunnier months and school holidays are on the horizon, there is no better time to start thinking about sun protection. When you’re packing the school bag or your suitcase to go on holiday, you ensure that your child has the essentials like a hat and sun cream but do you […]


Keeping on top of children’s eye health

Eyesight problems can develop at any age, so it’s especially important to start checking children’s eyes early on to reduce the possibilities of sight issues emerging. Healthy eyesight helps children to progress both socially and while learning, so it’s crucial for setting them up for the best future possible. The Association of Optometrists has found […]


Davina Discusses … Myopia

This month I thought I would share a topic in Optometry which sparks my interest and that is myopia, also known as short-sightedness. It is extremely prevalent across the world and in fact it is growing. Fascinatingly, the World Health Organisation have predicted that by 2050 (that’s only 32 years from now!) half of the […]

Alfies first eye test at Richard Petrie Optometrists

Children’s Eye Test Changes

Awareness of your child’s eyesight and eye health is really important as they grow up. At school, their eyesight lets them discover and learn, so being able to see properly is crucial to their overall development as they progress through school. Having regular eye tests helps your optometrist detect any vision problems your child may […]


New Contact Lenses for Short-Sightedness in Children

A fantastic new contact lens that is the first proven treatment for myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is now available exclusively in Derby & the East Midlands from Richard Petrie Optometrists. MiSight™ lenses are the world’s first ever approved and licensed myopia intervention treatment and are used to control the progression of the condition. Here, […]

The summer holidays are the perfect time. for children’s eye tests

Children’s Eye Tests in the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are the perfect time for children’s eye tests. Not only does it fit in nicely with the rest of your new school year preparations – buying new shoes, uniforms, lunchboxes and stationery – but it will also give parents and carers peace of mind when their children go back to school. Why […]

Short-sightedness in children

Short-Sightedness in Children is on the Rise

In May 2016, The College of Optometrists sent out a briefing to its members reporting on the Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction (NICER) study. It’s the largest ever UK study of the changes in children’s vision. The study has uncovered some key points about myopia, also known as short-sightedness. It found that almost one […]

Cute Blinx charms for children's glasses

Blinx – Spectacle Accessories for Children

Talking to Blink founder Stephanie Collier about Blinx glasses accessories. What are Blinx? Blinx are an eye-catching range of accessories for children who wear glasses, allowing them to easily customise their existing spectacle frames. Designed to easily slip on and off the arms of children’s spectacles, the small silicon charms can be swapped and changed […]