Contact Lens Care and Handling

At this point your lenses will be ordered for you. They will normally be with us in a few days. The first time you collect your lenses we will want you to attend the practice where a practitioner will recheck that the lenses fit correctly and ensure you know how to handle the lenses and use any solutions recommended for the care of both the lenses and your eyes.

This is a very important part of the process as any problems you may have could well be caused by mishandling and lack of care.

Your first after care appointment is usually scheduled between 1-3 months after the final fitting when a thorough examination of the eyes will take place and the fitting checked again. Any problems will be discussed and, all being well, your next batch of lenses ordered.

The intervals at which you will return for contact lens aftercare appointments from then on will be decided on an individual basis but are usually about every 6-12 months. Your contact lens direct debit scheme will cover the cost of all these appointments.

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